FPP Group

FADESA POLNORD POLSKA (“FPP”) was incorporated in 2005. A Spanish company styled Martinsa-Fadesa S.A. (51 percent interest) and Polish Polnord S.A. (49% percent interest) are its main shareholders. FPP has currently underway a residential project known as INNOVA CONCEPT (www.innovaconcept.pl) in the Krzyki District of Wrocław and a VILLA BOTANICA project (www.villabotanica.pl) in the Wilanów-Powsin District of Warsaw, including both semi-detached and single-family housing development. In addition, FPP has completed the Ostoja-Wilanów residential project (www.ostoja-wilanow.com) in Warsaw and Osiedle-Innova (www.osiedle-innova.com), Osiedle-Moderno, and Apartamenty Innova (www.apartamentyinnova.pl) projects in Wrocław.
units sold
From its inception to 30 September 2020, FPP sold in aggregate 3,299 flats, including 1,370 in Wrocław, and handed over the total of 3,155 flats. In 2019, FPP’s sales reached PLN 72.6 million; it sold 143 flats and handed over 185 flats.
FPP Group in Warsaw
VILLA BOTANICA is the FPP Group’s sixth residential project and second in Warsaw. A special-purpose vehicle styled FPP POWSIN Sp. z o.o. has been set up to carry out the project. The full equity of the subsidiary has been contributed by the FPP Group.
Below are some more details on the VILLA BOTANICA project:

  • Project Owner: FPP POWSIN Sp. z o.o. (FPP Group)
  • Project name: VILLA BOTANICA
  • Website: www.villabotanica.pl
  • Location: ul. Potułkały, 02-971 Warszawa, Poland
  • Breaking ground: December 2020
  • Estimated completion of construction: 2022
  • Total number of houses (including Stages II and III): 93
  • Number of houses at Stage I: 22
  • Number of commercial units: 4
  • Architect: Szymborski & Szymborski Architekci
  • Sale of flats: FPP Sales Office in Warsaw, ul. Hlonda 10b, and authorised estate agents